Stay informed at any time about the technical status of our systems. When things are not working as they should, this is where you can gain insight into what is happening.

Local differences apply in product and feature availability. Please refer to the corresponding website for your country for the overview of products and features currently available in your market.
The smart system
  • LED Remote
  • System Controller
  • Kiox 300 & Kiox 500
  • Purion 200
  • eBike Flow app
  • eBike Lock
  • ConnectModule
  • eBike Alarm
  • Activity tracking
  • Navigation
Bosch eBike system 2
  • eBike Connect App
  • eBike Connect Portal
  • Kiox (BUI330)
  • Nyon (BUI270 & BUI275)*
  • Nyon (BUI350)*
  • COBI.Bike App
  • SmartphoneHub

* Check the FAQs to find out which Nyon model you have.

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June, 19. 2024
Begin: 2024-06-19, 05:00 UTC
End: 2024-06-19, 08:30 UTC

eBike Connect App, eBike Connect Portal

2024-06-19, 08:30 UTC
Maintenance closed

2024-06-18, 11:58 UTC
The services will be down in the specified period due to a planned maintenance. During this time you won't be able to plan routes and synchronize your activities. We apologize for this inconvenience.